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Major Capital Projects 2018, Searchable Inventory

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Industry Descriptions

Agriculture/Fishery/Forestry - aquaculture infrastructure; forest roads; fishery storage facilities; fishery infrastructure; farms

Commercial - retail buildings; commercial service buildings; office buildings; parking garages; restaurants

Education - school construction; school renovation; student residences; medical and other research facilities; post-secondary construction

Health Care/Personal Care - hospital construction; hospital renovation; personal care facility construction; infrastructure related to health care

Industrial/Manufacturing - construction of industrial parks; manufacturing facilities; manufacturing equipment upgrade; fish processing plants; newsprint mills; nickel processing plants; cannabis production facilities

Mining/Oil and Gas - exploratory oil and gas wells; mine and mill reactivation; mineral exploration; mineral development; construction and assembly of oil production facilities

Municipal Infrastructure - government cost-shared municipal infrastructure programs; fire station building construction; sewage and water treatment plants

Residential - condominium complexes; apartment buildings; subdivision development; townhouse development; government housing programs; senior’s complexes

Tourism/Culture/Recreation - golf courses; resort development; hotel construction; convention centre construction; cultural facility construction; historic site development; development of memorial sites; recreation facilities; churches; trails; commercial construction directly related to tourism

Transportation - harbour development and dredging; road and bridge construction; airport and road upgrades/improvements; vessel construction and refits; wharf/waterfront (non-fishery related) reconstruction; purchases of transportation equipment such as buses; transshipment terminals; government transportation infrastructure initiatives

Utilities - hydroelectricity development; annual capital utility programs; wind power

Other Investment - other projects not elsewhere classified (e.g., police facilities; search and rescue facilities; courthouses; environmental remediation; defence facilities; telecommunications infrastructure)

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